Why execution is Hustle.

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Most of us have consumed a lot of information over a long time. Between internet notifications, podcasts, videos, iTunes, blogs, books, and everything else that has been given to us, there has been a lot of information over the past five plus years.

It used to take me a full month to listen to all of Zig Ziglar’s motivational cassette tapes never mind the difficulty in ordering them, the shipping expense, and the lack of reviews and samples to ensure you were buying something good.

Yes I’m old. That’s not the point.

Now the best of the best content, knowledge, and tips, have survived and the wizardry (and creepiness) of the internet ensures that we see it if that’s the type of stuff we search and are interested in, it continues to show up in front of us again and again.

“it’s time to go execute, hustle, and get shit done”

This has allowed a lot of amazing content to be circulated, shared and consumed.

But now it’s the next step. Execution.

We know what to do but it’s useless without execution. Those who execute on the knowledge will win. These people will get shit done, deliver results, and thrive.

The rest will just keep talking about what’s new and looking for the easy answer. But if there was an easy answer, everyone would be rich and skinny. Weight loss is a massive industry with books, videos, apps, but the knowledge is the same. Intake less and exercise more. We all know it but it’s those that execute that see results.

What category do you fall in?

I have recently made the decision to consume less and focus on executing more.

Thank you Lindsay Smith for the great recommendation and the quote, “explore and execute,” from Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions.

But now it’s time to go execute, hustle, and get shit done.

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