Video: Bluffing VS. Negotiating

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dpSales often involves negotiating and negotiating is an art.

Many people bluff during negotiations but you have to be ready to lose it all with this tactic. If you say it is your final offer, are you absolutely okay if they walk away and go in a different direction? Everybody pushes the limits but you don’t want to go back with your tail between your legs begging to get back into the game.

Don’t go all-in too early. Great negotiations work because you can analyze, strategize, and read your opponent’s reaction and then decide exactly when to execute or pull back your position.

Good negotiators don’t lie. They organize how they tell the truth so relevant benefits or risks are emphasized based on the client’s unique interests. Rarely in sales do all parties place the same value on the same items. In sales, especially in real estate, stick to negotiating as you can get the best for your client without having to bluff with the risk of losing.

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