The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 9 – Robots VS. Real Estate Agents

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Technology is catching up and creating a place in most aspects of our daily lives.  But can it replace sales people?

If you go to McDonalds, sure, you can get your Big Mac Meal by ordering by yourself on a computer but there is very little that can go wrong.  And if something does, you’re only out a few dollars.  But when it comes to real estate and high level purchases, there is a lot more to it than deciding if you want to super size it.

Buying and selling a home is an emotional process.  It’s likely the most expensive transaction that a person will make in their life, they’re choosing where they will spend most of their time, where their kids will grow up, and so much more so when you’re mixing money with the emotions, people often need counselling with this decision.  Some fall in love with homes they cannot afford and need talked out of it, some experience personal issues like divorce that force them to sell their dream home while going through personal hardships, some don’t consider their future plans and the consequences this can have on your decision, even something like wanting to get a pet.  This is where people come in.  Robots don’t have empathy, they don’t have compassion, and they cannot react and make decisions based on the situation or the emotions of the client.

Real estate agents should embrace technology and use it as an enhancement of their business.  Focus on the benefits of technological advances and how they can benefit you and your clients – use a virtual assistant, use an automated booking system for showings, use siri to type your listing write ups – but when it comes to people, emotions, and relationships, that’s a job for a human.  For now anyways.

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