The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 7 – Relationships Matter

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It’s not what you know, it’s not who you know, it’s how you treat the people you do know cause relationships matter more than anything else.

In your personal life it’s obvious but it’s also so important in business. As we hustle our way through the world, we often forget to pay attention to how we treat others around us.

Establish good habits in how you treat people.  Whether that’s smiling at a stranger on the street or buying your contractors coffee and donuts, developing this habit will provide countless returns.

Step two is making business relationships personal.  In a world where we are know as customer number 12347, it is important to go beyond that and make each encounter as personal as possible.  Ask questions, be genuinely curious and most importantly, listen. It will foster an atmosphere of teamwork, trust, and it will encourage a similar reaction in return.  Collaborate, share ideas, work together, and treat people well and if times get tough, you’re surrounded by people on your side willing to support you.

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