The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 5 – Keep it Personal

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The dying art of sales people is keeping it personal.

So many salespeople see customers only as a transaction and forget that they are people. They race through the sale without getting to know their customer any more than necessary to close the sale.

To hustle most effectively, it’s important to keep it personal and remember the details and to acknowledge that to the customers.

Wish them a happy birthday, even when it’s months after the sale was complete. Congratulate them on a new job. Send them flowers on their anniversary. Show up with their favourite coffee.

To make this happen, you first have to be interested in them, get to know them, learn these details. Then put them to use.

When you get personal and the customer feels like a person instead of a transaction, your repeat clients and referrals will grow exponentially.

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  1. Kim Davies
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    I love to do pop-by’s with small holiday gifts (like chocolate!) or a gift card for coffee with my past senior clients. They love the attention and I enjoy keeping up with them and their family news!
    If they aren’t home, I leave everything plus a little card in a plastic door knocker bag so they know I am still thinking of them!

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