The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 49 – Connections

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When in sales, connections matter, relationships matter, and people matter. So treat them well.

Your database of connections is the most valuable asset your business can have. As the saying goes, acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer. Not only will they likely do repeat business with you, they will refer their friends and family to you as well. Not only have you retained your client, you’ve gained more without additional cost. If the friends and family have a good experience they will do the same and your sphere of potential clients grows and grows.

So how do you retain your clients? You stay in touch and you treat them well.

Many Realtors invite their entire database to their open houses. For some it may be relevant but if I just bought a house from you last year, it may not be however, you can make it worth their while. Host an event, invite them personally, feed them, entertain them, and grow the connection. Don’t just sell sell sell to them, connect with them and they’ll come to you when they need your product or service.

It may be an investment to treat them well but it’s still less expensive than trying to attract a brand new lead and it will be an investment that is mutually beneficial and pays off in the long run.

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