The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 47 – How to stand out from the competition

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You need to stand out from your competition.  It shouldn’t be that hard as there is a massive difference between good and great.

In sales, people show up with the standard sales pitch, “here is what we do,” but that isn’t enough anymore.  Often people have already done their own research and know what you do, that’s why you got the call. To be great, you must customize it for them.

In real estate, an example would be photos.  You can show off photos from a few of your past listings and say that’s the quality you will provide for them.  That’s an acceptable way to do it but if you want to blow them away, spend the money to have your photographer go and take a few exterior photos of their home BEFORE you even have the listing.  Then you can really show what you can do for them. It’s no longer about what you do for anyone, you have now personalized it and they already feel like you care.

Additionally, make sure to follow up on what you promise you’ll do.  For that reason, I recommend promising less and delivering more. Don’t tell them you’ll shoot a video if that is what you do for some clients but not what you actually intend to do for them.  Don’t say you will host an open house every weekend if you only do one or two per listing. If you say you’ll do one and then you follow through with ten, now you are great. You’ve exceeded their expectations. Promise less, do more.

If you continue to follow in the footsteps of your competition, you’ll do fine if they’re successful but you’ll never stand out. You don’t have to spend more, you just have to prepare more to differentiate yourself and what you have to offer.

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