The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 46 – See the Opportunity in Stress

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In sales, there are two types of stress.

The first type of stress is the stress caused by a lack of business or wondering where the next lead or sale will come from.  It is stressed caused by scarcity and fear.

The second type of stress is caused by the workload and time required to avoid the first.

When you focus on the second type of stress,  you must look at it through the eyes of opportunity.  There are only so many hours in the day so there are massive amounts of stress on your time but there is also unlimited potential.

Embrace the stress as that is where success comes from.  It’s great to strive for the work-life balance but in commission sales, you have to be responsive and realize that the balance is a moving target.  If you demand every weekend off and turn off your cell at 5 pm, you will miss out on opportunities. You must be responsive, you must be accommodating, and you must embrace the stress that goes with it all.

See the opportunities within the stress.

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