The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 43 – The Hours Before the Moment

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Perception isn’t everything, you need to also understand the context behind every moment.

When you see the top producer or the sales employee of the month, it is easy to question what they did to get there. In that moment, it might not look like much, maybe you think they just got lucky or they succeeded because of someone else’s failure. But you can’t judge a single moment alone, you have to look into the past and put the current moment into the context of everything that came before it.

Sometimes there is luck or being in the right place at the right time but more often than not, for every success, that person has spent hours, weeks, months, or even years to get to that winning moment.

A lot of people resent Jeff Bezos for being the richest man on the planet but you can’t say he didn’t work for it. I don’t agree with everything he has done to make his fortune but I admire the work he put in to get there. He founded Amazon out of an office in a garage in a home that he rented in Seattle. At this moment it’s easy to judge him on his billionaire status but in context, he worked hard for years and years to get to his success.

So don’t judge or don’t worry about being judged in the moment because there were hours and hours and days and days and weeks and years that all add up to make that moment great. The amazing moments are fleeting and take a lot of work to earn so enjoy it while you can because it will likely take a lot of work to get to the next.

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