The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 42 – Never Forget Your First

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Do you remember your first sale?

It’s always important to remember your first.  The feeling of closing that deal. The accomplishment and the security of knowing you have a pay cheque coming.

Starting in the sales industry with no clients and no commission is a terrifying thing.  It takes a lot of hustling, hassling your friends and family that might need your service, and then you must respond faster and better than the competition to secure your first client.  And once they sign on the dotted line, use that feeling to motivate you to ensure you’re always working towards the next sale.

No matter how desperate you might be for a sale, make sure you don’t ever let the client know that.  Don’t let them feel your need to close. Don’t have commission breath. Treat them as if you have a million dollars in the bank and you’re just there to serve.  If they sense you need the sale more than they do, you become the pushy sleazy salesperson that everyone is afraid of. They will worry that you’re looking to close any deal instead of the best deal for them.

Regardless of a good market or a bad market, always use that feeling of your first sale to motivate you into the next.

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