The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 39 – Nesting

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In business, particularly in sales, it is important to nest in your community.  Nesting isn’t just going to the same coffee shop everyday, it’s about making connections and building relationships.

  • Step 1 – Make small talk.  Chat with your barista, talk about anything except what you do.  Do not make a sales pitch.  Ask about them and be interested.
  • Step 2 – Listen to see if they ever mention a need for your services, this is the best way to transition to your business.  Don’t make it obvious or aggressive, a simple, “if you ever have questions about the market feel free to ask because I work in real estate.”
  • Step 3 – If they don’t bring up the conversation, subtly slide it into a conversation.  You’re not selling to them, you’re just letting them know what you do.  For example, “I need a dozen cookies and a carafe of coffee today for my open house.”  It’s subtle but now they know what you do.
  • Step 4 – When the time is right, leave a business card.

These steps are not one visit to any business, this takes place over weeks or months depending on how often you visit their establishment.  It’s a slow process of creating rapport and building a connection but it will pay off.  Eventually they or someone they know will need your services and the relationship you’ve built by authentic interactions will make you a likely hire or referral.

And almost as important as everything else, tip well!  When you tip well, most people will have a subconscious need to return the favour.  It may be returned by a simple free coffee once in awhile but it’s more likely to be returned with business.

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  1. Kim Davies
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    Great thoughts Dennis! Useful for me doing business in smaller towns outside the city. Thanks for sharing with us again!

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