The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 38 – Client Interaction

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In a world thriving with technology, there are always faster and more efficient ways to do almost anything. This is something that many people want until they don’t.

If you need to buy a jug of milk then self-checkouts or even store to car delivery are great features but when it comes to larger purchases and items that may last decades like real estate, a personal connection is often needed. It’s not like ordering your coffee on an app.

It’s possible without, a person can find their home on MLS, email the agent, sign an offer electronically, and hardly speak to a human being in the whole process but it’s unlikely that they feel good about it. When dealing with substantial transactions, a client often needs to connect. In addition to the standard tasks of the sale they want reassurance, they want expertise, and they want someone to guide them through the process. Give them what they need and then surprise them with even more.

I’m not saying there isn’t a place for technology. Yes, send a text for a quick yes or no question. Send a follow up email to outline what you discussed on a phone call, and send the offer electronically after you’ve already discussed it in detail.

But more often than not, pick up the phone, bring them their favourite coffee, shake their hand, and most of all meet them where they’re at. Have a genuine conversation where you listen to them without selling to them and without talking about yourself or your product. This will leave a lasting impression.

Anyone can sell a product. Loyalty comes from trust and trust is created through relationships.

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