The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 36 – Creativity, Connections, and Hustle

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When marketing real estate, or anything for that matter, the secret is to creatively connect the buyer to the product.

Anyone can take pictures and videos and showcase exactly what is offered but you need to be creative and make your marketing stand from the masses.  You must find a way to connect the potential buyer to the product that you’re selling.  In real estate, open houses can be effective because a buyer can come in and experience it for themselves but it is not as simple when it comes to online marketing.  By showcasing the lifestyle in addition to the home, a buyer can potentially imagine themselves in the home.  You can sell the idea of fun, friends, family, and a life they can see themselves living.

Be creative, connect the emotion and the idea of the product with the buyer.  That’s the best way to make sales happen.

A recent example of one of my team’s lifestyle videos can be viewed HERE.

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