The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 35 – Early morning or late night?

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When do you hustle your hardest? Are you the early bird that gets the worm or do you burn the midnight oil?

Personally, I think mornings are best. The rest of the world is asleep and it’s easy to focus and get stuff done before the whirlwind of phone calls, emails, and meetings begin.

My morning routine starts with breakfast, exercise, meditation, journaling and gratitude. After that, I’m in clear headspace to begin my day. I recommend tackling a few easy tasks first to get in the grove, experience accomplishing a few tasks, and then that will set the pace for the rest of the day. Your morning will influence your mood, your health, and your life.

If I can’t convince you to wake up earlier, whether you start your day at 4 am or 10 am, it is still important to have a routine to start the day off right. The daily habits will put you in the mindset and energy for a productive day.

If you’re looking for morning inspirations, I highly recommend the book The Morning Miracle.

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