The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 32 – Always be marketing!

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There is a common saying in sales, “ABC. Always be closing.” I think this is crap! No one likes a closer with commission breath that is just hustling for the next deal. Ever.

Always be marketing is more like it. Sales come from marketing. Market your brand, your product, and your services and you shouldn’t run out of deals and you should be desperate to close. If you quit marketing the fire will die down and the leads will burn out. Keep the fire stoked by continuing to market. Continue to bring in leads that drive sales. If you keep the steady flow you’ll never come off like the sleazy salesperson and you’ll naturally close more deals.

Marketing over closing will not only strengthen your sales, but it will also strengthen your reputation. Great marketing will inform the audience about your product, it will engage them in your brand, and it will help you grow your business by increasing your sales. And most importantly, it will help you sustain your company’s presence. Marketing used to be a game of who can afford the best ads or the biggest billboards, but in the world of social media, it’s now possible for anyone to be able to market their product to a wide audience at a reasonable price or even for free.

Always be marketing, no excuses.

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