The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 31 – Thank You Cards

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Thank you cards and personal notes.  They seem simple but they are a secret weapon in the sales industry. 

If you want to supercharge your business, write 5 handwritten notes a day.  No exceptions.  It will likely be hard at first to think of people to send notes to but I promise it gets easier.

Snail mail is becoming such a thing of the past but it can be and should be utilized more for personal mail.  Watch someone getting mail, they flip through bills, flyers, credit card offers, but if they receive something personal with their name and address are written in pen on the envelope, their face will light up.  Everyone likes to know someone out there is thinking about them and appreciates them so tell them in a card.  Email is okay but it won’t have the same effect as we see so much on the screen each day that it has started to lose its meaning.

  • Birthdays – Facebook will show you upcoming birthdays.  Use this as an easy jumping off point as it is an easy who and why to write the card to.
  • Anniversaries – Do you keep a record of client anniversaries?  If not, you should.  When they forget but you remind them they’ve been in their house for a year, or a year since they bought their car, or whatever service you offer, it connects them to you and that purchase.
  • Service providers – Did you get a haircut that you loved?  Write a card to your barber or stylist and let them know!  The barista that knows your order and gets in right every single day, let them know you appreciate it.
  • Drive-bys – When you are driving around and see someone walking on the street, or drive-by a house or workplace of someone you know, write them a note and say you were just thinking about them and hope they’re doing well.

There are a million reasons to connect with people and you’ll see results quickly.  They will often reach out and let you know they received it or give you an update if you ask a question about their job or family.  That will often lead to a discussion about the market or your services.  So if they were even remotely considering a move, you’re now front of mind.  If a friend of theirs is in need of a similar service you’ll be front of mind to be referred, whether or not the friend was asking for a referral.

Sure, a generic flyer in their mailbox might work too but a personal connection will definitely make a more lasting impression.  Write the notes and I promise you’ll see results fast

Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve tried this and what kind of results you received!

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