The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 30 – You’re always being interviewed

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In business, particularly in sales, you’re always being interviewed.

From the neighbour that sees you getting in your car in the morning, to the barista at the coffee shop, to your formal client meeting or open house – they’re all interviewing you.

If they’re interested in buying or selling, they’re sizing you up.  They’re deciding if you are a fit to work with them either now or maybe a few years in the future.  So there should be a few things to consider to stay ahead of the competition that they’re also interviewing.

Dress your best – okay, maybe not always your best but you may want to stay away from the sweatpants, stained shirt, or short shorts.  It would be hard for someone to imagine trusting you to help them with a major transaction when you don’t look professional.

Clean your car – similar to above, appearance and impressions matter.  Ensure you’re making the best impression when you can.

Communication – don’t be lazy.  U is not the same as you.  Wat r u doin is just sloppy.  Put in the effort because if you aren’t willing to do it for yourself, why should they assume you’d do it for them?

Social media – if you’re going to post anything that you’re worried someone might judge you for, don’t post it.  Anytime I interview a new employee I do a quick search.  What they’re willing to share on social media says a lot about their character.

Everyone puts on a show when they’re being interviewed but they forget that they’re always being interviewed.  Always be ready, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

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