The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 29 – Giving

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One of the most impactful ways to succeed in business is to give back to the community.

As my business grows, I feel as though it is part of my social responsibility to invest in the community that has contributed to my success.  One of the areas that I’ve committed to give back and help make a difference is with youth.  When I was younger I struggled at times to find my way, but I was fortunate enough to have help along the way and I want to do that for others.

It’s easy to donate money, and I’m certain it’s always appreciated, but there are many ways to give back.  Whether you start a camp for troubled youth, serve dinner at a homeless shelter, or collect donations for winter jackets – everyone has the ability to help and to serve others.

I hope you never need a reason to do good things.  I don’t.  I never expect anything in return but I find I often reap rewards because doing good is impactful and memorable.  Which will you remember more, the salesperson newspaper ad or the one who has sponsored a charitable event?  And when you’re noticed, you’ll be noticed for the right reasons.  So get out there and do something good! 

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