The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 26 – Find a reason to drop off the keys.

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Do more than is expected, always. One time early in my career, a client whose home I had listed had gotten locked out of their house. They called me around midnight as their spare key was in the lockbox and they didn’t know what else to do. Without thinking, I got out of bed, drove across the city to get them their key. It was inconvenient, I could have not answered the call or told them to call a locksmith but it’s the little things like this that make a difference in business and in life.

Sales aren’t just about closing the deal, it’s about serving your clients all the way through the transaction. If you simply close the deal, you have a customer but the best way to be successful in sales if to focus on building relationships so that you have clients. The difference between a customer and a client is that a client will think of you first when they need whatever product or service you provide and a customer will go to whoever is the cheapest, most convenient, or they last saw an ad for.

It’s common knowledge that nurturing a repeat client costs a lot less than obtaining a new customer so find reasons to drive across the city to drop off the keys. Don’t shy away from the inconvenient moments as they will likely be repaid in the future, maybe it’s a future transaction, a referral, or perhaps they’ll just be there when you need them. Embrace the little things as they’re often big things to someone else and it is your actions at that moment that will set you apart from the competition and make you memorable.

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