The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 25 – Resourcefulness

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Resourcefulness is the ability to find solutions and solve problems and it is one of the most important traits to have.

Resourcefulness is not only doing more with less but it also allows people to open the door to greater achievements as they can do more than originally anticipated. It is the ability to find a way by thinking creatively, generating ideas, and finding alternatives to the problem.

Being resourceful in sales is a must. Many people making a purchase want an excuse to say no to buying an item. It’s too expensive, the colour is wrong, it’s too small or too big, etc. The ability to be resourceful and identify and overcome their objections will reflect your success in sales. You must imagine creative solutions to find a way to close the sale. The inability to do so will result in defeat. You may prosper when times are good or when competition is low but to be successful you must have the ability to find a way to reach the goal no matter what.

So when you’re stuck look at the situation with an open mind and find a way to optimize what you have to work with. If it’s too expensive, maybe add additional items to increase the value. If it’s too small, call a designer and get plans on how to expand. There are always options if you have the mindset to search for them.

Making excuses are easy, find ways to do things in situations that seemed impossible is hard but so valuable. And if there is no way to solve the problem, just say sorry. It will come across a million times more genuine than just providing excuses.

So when you think you’re screwed take a step back, clear your head from everything you think you know about the problem, and come at it from a different angle. Where there’s a will, there is a way.

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  1. Kim Davies
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    Thanks Dennis, inspirational as always!

  2. Troy Resvick
    | Reply

    Timely read! Thanks Dennis!!

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