The Hustle Video Series Episode 24 – Coffee and Connections

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When times are tough people hunker down and find ways to cut back and save money. Often it starts with things like eating out and those expensive lattes.

But don’t!!

You may save a few dollars per day and it definitely adds up over a month but what people forget about is the opportunity cost. Opportunity cost refers to a benefit that a person could have received, but gave up, to take another course of action. When you’re having a coffee at home you miss out on the networking and the exposure of being out and about. You miss the opportunity to be front of mind to past connections and the opportunity to make new ones. It’s tempting to check your bank account and skip spending cause we often don’t think about the things that we’re giving up when we make those decisions.

So stand out from the crowd, especially when the crowd is smaller, and grow your business. If cash is tight, get a regular coffee instead of a venti non-fat double shot latte with almond milk, but don’t lose the opportunity to secure a client. And don’t forget to talk to people, introduce yourself and let them know what you do. I’ve sold more than one barista a home, I promise it works!

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