The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 22 – Experience

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— With special guest Nolan Matthias, Mortgage 360.

Experience matters and volume matters.

Sometimes it’s not just how long someone has been in the business but it’s also how much they do. A real estate agent doing 5 deals a year for 20 years isn’t as experienced as a real estate agent only 10 years in by does 40 deals a year. Volume adds experience.

Avoid mistakes by collaborating with others that have the experience that you may lack. You need people who have seen and experienced things that you are unfamiliar with or weren’t expecting. Even with all the education and training possible, hands on experience adds so much value. All the theories in the world might help but experience will usually lead to decisive action. Similar to why I don’t believe robots can replace sales people, textbook and technical knowledge adds to but cannot replace real world experience.

In real estate, they teach you contracts and responsibilities. But they can’t teach you everything. Classes don’t give you the same experience of going to City Hall to apply for a rush relaxation permit for a deck that was built too close to the property line and may delay the sale of a home. They teach the rules but not the best methods of negotiating during competing offers when your clients love the home. They ensure you know the rules about opening up and showing homes but they don’t teach you what to look for in the furnace room or for water stains on the ceilings indicating there are issues with the home.

So get experience however possible and when it’s not possible to expedite your experience level, team up with those who have plenty to learn from and utilize theirs.

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