The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 18 – Wisdom matters, why you need a mentor.

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Learn from those who have gone before you.

It is often said, take the road less travelled, but is that a good idea? Sometimes it may be however, why not ask someone who has already been down that path to make sure you’re on the right track.

Read books, listen to podcasts, watch documentaries, and most importantly when possible, pick up the phone and ask for a coffee. Learn from the experience of others, pick their brains, listen to their ideas and let them push you in the right direction.

A mentor, formal or informal, can provide a wealth of knowledge and shorten your learning curve. They will provide you with their personal experiences that can prevent you from making mistakes as you can learn from their mistakes instead of your own. They can provide ideas to facilitate growth and provide and outside prospective towards things that you may not notice.

And as an added benefit beyond their wisdom, they can provide trusted connections and a network that may take you years or even decades to build on your own. You may receive referrals or introductions to potential clients, investors, or people that can mentor in other areas of your business.

Make sure your mentors are successful people that you trust and that will have your best interest in mind. Knowledge is power so equip yourself with as much as possible. It might not teleport you to the finish line but it will help you jump a few bridges that might have been difficult to cross.

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  1. Kim Davies
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    Love your words of wisdom Dennis -you really motivate me!

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