The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 16 – Realism Over Optimism

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It is easy to be optimistic and tell people what they want to hear but you need to be realistic. In order to make hard decisions, you must be offered the truth of the situation so you can make an informed decision.

I’m not a big fan of calling a bottom, a turnaround, or a peek in a market as there are always too many variables will always be the reality. But right now it is safe to say we are in a very difficult market, economy, and province overall. Here in Alberta. My province, my home.

It’s easy to get caught up in the narrative of a situation but it’s most important to pay attention to data and direct insight. By that I mean insight that is experienced, willing to deliver opinions that are unpopular and if nothing else, insight that is close to you and connects the reality with the direction you are wanting to go. None of it is easy.

With all of that said, I’m still betting on a turnaround. The only reason why, resilience.

Resilience is the natural byproduct of difficulty. Best wishes to all of those who have been through or are going through difficult times but know that good can come from it. The resilience trait is not something you can buy, you’re not born with it. It is something that can only be earned.

Some of us have lived through circumstances that are as seemingly natural as the weather. Waking up to a shit storm at a time in the season when it’s least expect it. Others have put themselves through difficulty. And still others are dragged through it. But for all of us who have made it through, each time we become more resilient. This is what Alberta is made of. People that have been through, grown up in, and survived difficulty.

Life happens and it’s not always easy but difficult times produce exceptional resilience. This I believe, this I’ll bet on, let’s go Alberta.

Stay optimistic but face the world knowing the facts and data to produce realistic results.

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