The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 14 – Be a Problem Solver.

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For the most part, no one likes having problems but they provide an opportunity to be valuable.

In real estate and in most business transactions you will run into problems, sometimes big and sometimes little. The natural instinct of fight or flight kicks in and most people choose to run or to pass it off to someone else.

But there is way more value in being the problem solver rather than the dodger. You can become the most valuable person in any room if you step up with a solution.

In real estate there are often many little issues that arise that Realtors don’t want to take responsibility for or deal with. They pass it off to the lawyer to fight between clients. Whether the seller took the garage opener they were supposed to leave behind or the Real Property Report (RPR) needs last minute compliance, just solve the problem. Spending the $50 to buy a garage opener or taking the RPR to city hall yourself, the solution is usually takes as much time, money, or energy to pawn off to someone else as it does to take on the task yourself.

Being the problem solver or passing it off is a choice. When you can, solve the problem, be the hero.

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