The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 13 – Delegate

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Any business owner should delegate certain tasks to save time, save money, and achieve more. For delegation to be successful, you must first determine what tasks to delegate and which to take on yourself.

What should you delegate?

• Routine tasks that anyone can do
• Tasks that you’re not the best at and others could do better
• Time consuming tasks

If there’s a task you’re unsure of, ask yourself if your time is worth more? What would be the price to sub-contract out that task and what is the potential revenue you’re not earning while taking on a task that could be delegated.

Have you ever tried to set up a new computer network? Seems easy enough, there are instructions, youtube has every how-to video ever, why not save the money to do it yourself? Except there is a hiccup and it doesn’t go as planned, you don’t have the cord you need so you have to run to the gadget store, the power won’t turn on, the network won’t connect, and the many many other things that usually go wrong. And several hours later you give up and call a pro (or a teenager) anyways. Was it worth the money you saved? Calling Geek Squad to begin with would have saved so much stress and time. Sure it might cost $500 but during the hours you weren’t pulling out your hair trying to set it up yourself the opportunity cost of making one sale or landing one new client would pay that back in spade.

But there are definitely things that you should take on yourself as well – no matter what.

For example, strategic planning and development for yourself and your business, you can get help with this one but it’s without a doubt something you need to be taking the charge on. Also emergencies that require your immediate attention and focus, tasks that you promised someone you would do yourself, and confidential matters. And most importantly, your defined areas of expertise, talent, and personality cannot be replaced by anyone else.

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