The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 8 – Be Grateful

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Entitlement and gratitude are both memberships, which club are you a part of?

In this era of the internet, there is a massive wave of entitlement.  Everyone can see what everyone else has and they want it too.  The problem is they often don’t want to work for it, they just feel they’re entitled to the same things as everyone in their newsfeed.

As crazy as it sounds, I was lucky to grow up with very little.  I was never given the opportunity to feel entitled to anything as I had less than my neighbours or my friends.  I often drank sour milk as it was cheaper the day it expired and that’s all we could afford so when I visited a friends and had the luxury of chocolate syrup in fresh milk, I felt more gratitude than many who received a brand new car for their 16th birthday because I never felt entitled to luxury, in fact, I rarely felt entitled to the basic necessities.

Having had opportunities to feel grateful at a young age has helped me now in my career as I still choose to be grateful for the little things today.  Everyday I write down 3 things that I’m grateful for and it makes a world of difference. (you should check out the 5 Minute Journal).  There is a ton of research that proves that writing down and acknowledging the things in life that you’re grateful for, big or little, will lead you to be happier, more optimistic, and deepen relationships.

In sales, if you only focus on the next closing, the next commission cheque, then you’re living in a world of entitlement.  Many expect to be hired and they expect to make the sale.  And people can sense this.  

Instead, work from a state of gratitude where your focus is serving your clients and adding value to their experience.  Be thankful for the interview, thankful for the opportunity to work with someone, and most importantly thankful for the sale.  You’ll be happier and your sales will likely increase!

Expect nothing, appreciate everything, and you’ll rarely be disappointed.

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    Thanks for sharing your words of inspiration Dennis.

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