Technology Review: UberConference by DialPad

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Perhaps it’s a little early for me to review this app as I’m still fairly new to it but when I find something interesting I want to share!

UberConference has been a great addition to our team. Yes, most phones have conference call features that you could argue there is no need to pay for this, however, I think it’s worth the $10/month.

My favourite feature so far is the fact that you can schedule a conference call and the app calls the attendees. Often with other online meetings, each person has to sign in whereas this one calls you. You get a 5-minute warning text prior to and then you just answer your phone and hit 1. If you accidentally get dropped, just call the number and you’re back on without anyone else having to pause the call to reconnect you.

Other features include web conferencing, screen sharing, shared documents, call recording and more.

I’m not going to lie, it isn’t perfect and we’re still working out a few kinks, especially with the app. But the more and more our team uses and understands all the features, the more I recommend it. Especially because it’s reasonably cost-effective for unlimited calls.

Half of the value in this is the function and the other half of the value is in the accountability. When calls are set, it’s easy to push them by a few minutes or reschedule them all together but when the system is set to call people are more inclined to be prepared and make it work. We’ve been using it within our team for morning check-ins, bigger brainstorming meetings, and more. Super effective and productive.

Check it out:

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