Video: Team VS. Individual

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It is statistically proven that a team will always outperform an individual. It allows you to combine knowledge, expertise, creativity, communication, and provide a flexibility that isn’t available with a single person.

Reasons to consider joining or starting a team:

If you’re new to an industry, a team can be a great way to jump-start your business. It can provide mentorship to help you reach the next level in your business through learning, collaboration, and accountability. To a prospective client, the team can also provide credibility to you and confidence to your client as you’re not a lone green agent.

If you’re an established agent, being able to delegate responsibilities provides the ability to exploit individual strengths. Real estate is made up of so many aspects including networking, lead generation, marketing, contracts and administration, negotiating, and so much more. As much as you might think you can do all of this, it is likely that someone can do one or more of these things better than you so delegate it to them and focus on what you’re best at. A team can also be in many locations at the same time and it provides the expertise, resources, and experience of multiple people.

When you get too busy to handle everything on your own, the first step should be an assistant to help with contracts, paperwork, and other admin support. When the workload surpasses the help of an assistant, that’s when you should consider hiring more agents.

Joining a sales team, in real estate or in other industries, can be a huge boost to your career. Not every team offers the same training, support, or benefits so make sure you interview many before settling on a team. Make sure it’s a two-way interview, don’t just answer their questions but make sure you ask plenty yourself. Questions on training, lead generation, support, expenses, commission splits, and most of all, how they will help you succeed.

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