HUSTLE Series Recommended Reading: ‘Open, An Autobiography’ by Andre Agassi

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Hands-down the best audiobook I’ve ever listened to is Open, An Autobiography’ by Andre Agassi.

He is one of the most beloved athletes in history and one of the most gifted men ever to step onto a tennis court – but from early childhood Andre Agassi hated the game. Coaxed to swing a racket while still in the crib, Agassi resented the constant pressure even as he drove himself to become a prodigy, an inner conflict that would define him. Now, in his beautiful, haunting autobiography, Agassi tells the story of a life framed by such conflicts.

I won’t wreck it for you. You’ve got to read it yourself.  And if you don’t like it then let me know and I’ll actually buy it for you. Crazy I know, but that’s how good it is. 

I will share what he refers to as the last 10 seconds.

The last 10 seconds before we go to sleep is the most important 10 seconds; if we take it seriously. By take it seriously I mean ask yourself as I ask myself. How did I spend the day? Did I give every meeting, every person and everything I did 110% of my energy, focus and hustle?

If I did then I can close my eyes in peace and if I didn’t then I’ve ultimately come up short and better to do tomorrow differently.

In addition to asking myself this question every day I’m doing my best to make my very last 10 seconds in this life, whenever that might be equal the same outcome.

I want to be able to say and feel with conviction, “Yes I gave it my all.”

Let’s go! 

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