The Hustle Video Series Episode 23 – Priorities

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It’s always best to pack your day with as much as possible to ensure you’re being the most effective as you can be but life doesn’t always go as planned. Projects are due, tasks develop at the office, last-minute changes, unexpected calls and emails from the client, and the list goes on and on and on and on. There is a constant list of people and things that demand our attention and things rarely stop and wait for us to regroup or catch our breath.

Things will come up and interrupt our schedule but it’s important to determine your priorities and ensure you don’t drop those. My top priority will always be my family. Family emergencies will always come first for me. For some, their priority may be their health and they can’t compromise their workout and for others, it may be their education and no matter what, they have to make their class.

Whether you rush everything by a few minutes, skip lunch, or drop what doesn’t have high value, always make sure you don’t drop your items of high priority and this will ensure that nothing will break. But not all tasks are equally important. Spending your attention, energy, and time on just being busy for the sake of busy isn’t useful. Pick your priorities and always focus on those instead of multitasking to do a little bit of everything at the risk of compromising quality.

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