Keep your fire stoked.

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Working in commission sales can be a tough business, especially when others rely on you to pay the bills. It takes work to keep your fire stoked and burning.

When things are well, it’s easy to get distracted and just live in the moment as the fire keeps burning, however, this will eventually fade. Good things rarely last forever without putting the effort in. Always be planning ahead and reinvest in your business so that it keeps the momentum even when the market changes.

When I started out, my mentor gave me some advice which led me to invest in 3 areas. I hired an assistant, I volunteered, and I said yes to everything.

By hiring an assistant you will become accountable for not only paying their wage but also in keeping them busy. Delegating tasks to them will allow you more time to find more clients and close more deals. Plus you can utilize them to help retain past clients. One of the major tasks that my admin focuses on is nurturing our database. Tracking birthdays, anniversaries, and other important details. I try to personalize every card and letter sent out but it’s a lot easier when they are labelled on my desk so I just have to sign. Nurturing past clients leads to repeat clients that contribute towards keeping them busy and paying the bills. Although intimidating at first, having an assistant should create a cycle of growth.

I made a very conscious effort to volunteer everywhere possible. At one point I was working with three different youth groups to make a difference, utilize my skill set and also to get my presence and my name out there. Ensure you choose areas where you are truly passionate about. Without interest and passion in the cause, these may feel like a chose and are unsustainable.

You must say yes to everything when you start because you have the time and the energy to learn what will become valuable opportunities. When you are doing so much with and for others and become overcommitted you’ll probably be in a place where you can afford to say no as the previous opportunities will start to pay off. Say yes to everything that could lead to prospecting, daily coffee meetings, lunches, events and more.

And a bonus place to invest in your brain and body. You need to be healthy to be successful so take care of yourself. Plus the gym is a great place to network with potential new clients. Investing in your brain is equally important. Keep learning, reading, and developing your mind. Taking care of yourself will ensure your fire will burn long and bright.

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