Keep in touch with past clients to save your business and earn you more sales.

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Every year, at minimum, we send every single client in our database a handwritten anniversary letter. We like to do something special for every client annually, too. This year, we created customized calendars with special events happening in our city throughout the whole year and wrote a note in each client’s calendar on their birthday.

The primary objective is to reach out to anyone we may have lost touch with, ensure our database is accurate, address any concerns that may be outstanding and find out who has sold without us. Keeping in touch with past clients is an essential part of growing your business.

In the same way, we send out client surveys and do our very best to solicit feedback when we sense that anything may have failed within our company. We can’t fix what we don’t know is broken. We can’t know it’s broken unless we open the lines of communication. Most things can be solved with money. The one thing you can’t fix with money is a broken or unhappy person.

Once, a client emailed to tell me that despite having full confidence in our work, there was one thing that gave them pause. I hadn’t immediately responded to an email they had sent about proceeding with a plan to purchase. The clients were uncomfortable with the gap in communication and while they said it was “no big deal” in the end, they thought it was worth mentioning. Which made it a big deal.

That one simple email transformed our business. Our number one value as a team is now responsiveness. We have since worked with this couple on two additional sales.

Responsiveness is key to relationships.

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    This is awesome! I love getting handwritten letters, especially in a world where everything is so automated and generic. A personal touch would definitely change where I do business.

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