Keep hustling when others are not.

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The “holidays” are a great time to Hustle. It’s way easier to get noticed when others are laying low, sleeping in or holiday shopping.

Whether it be December 26 when most people have an excuse to do nothing or in a difficult market where it seems to make no sense to do things differently; spend more and try to stand out. When others are often saying nothing is working. It’s just a waste of money, time and energy. “Let’s wait for things to turn around,” they say. But said by nobody ever that has emerged as a leader during difficult times.

When it’s dark, messy, and nobody wants to do anything because they are paralyzed with fear or uncertainty, this is the time to shine. The time to be creative, the time to stretch yourself. It’s the time to Hustle.

Stand up and stand out when others are laying low and taking it easy. When the pullback is happening you need to lunge forward. When budgets are being cut you need to stretch, maybe even borrow, and at minimum create more content than ever before.

That’s how you will get noticed, gain market share and be somebody that emerges as a leader. Don’t just be the first person trying to get to the front of the line (if and when the lineups start again) but rather create your own line when lineups are not happening.

The holiday hustle is one of the best type of hustle.

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