Hustle Series Technology Review: Google Keep

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Keeping track of all the moving parts of a team will always be a challenge.

I’ve spent years working with my team trying to find the best systems to ensure peak productivity. The latest app that we’ve implemented is Google Keep. It’s a free app that’s included with Gmail and it’s super easy to implement both on a desktop and on mobile.

A few of the notable features are notes, reminders, lists, but the share feature is what has made it perfect for our team. I have created a shared list of each individual member of my team as well as a group list.

These lists have become valuable to-do lists for our team. With my admin, contracts, upcoming listings, photos that need to be scheduled, etc. With my agents, CMA and seller packages to prepare, lockboxes to pick up, meetings to schedule, etc. We also share lists with our contractors – property lists with our photographer that need photos, property lists for measurements, what properties need lawn maintenance or snow removal, and many more.

Any collaborator can add items, mark as done, and change order to prioritize. And it keeps the archive to track work that’s been completed.

I’ve also created a shared grocery list with my wife so home and work, it’s all in one spot so I’m not searching a million apps to find what I’m looking for.

The only issue that I’ve experienced so far is that when two people are editing at the same time it can get glitchy however it’s rare so all in all, I’d highly recommend Google Keep.

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