Hustle Doesn’t Burn Bridges

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dpHustle doesn’t have to burn bridges.

When you’re hustling and want to continue in the right way for the long term you’re not going to want to burn bridges. Every relationship, every person, every client, and really every interaction you have at any stage of the game is ultimately being used to build a bridge to a bigger and brighter future. Or you are burning them as you cross them. The former is better than the latter for a long term successful career in sales. You never know when a conversation you had many years ago will resurface so ensure that it was a positive one, even in the worst situations.

True legacy and true riches are built by making and maintaining deep and meaningful relationships.

Many conversations, many decisions over a long period of time and just maybe…… one sale at a time.

Nurture every relationship and definitely don’t burn bridges when you hustle.

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