How to #humblebrag in a way that helps everyone around you

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Getting other people in on your goals can be beneficial for both you and them. In my goal-setting, I start with a list of ideas. From there, I think of people and places I need to visit to make the ideas happen. These are people and places I need to investigate to get closer to making my goals and dreams happen.

Similarly, I believe living large and sharing my goals, dreams and successes with others motivates rather than discourages them. But the sharing has to come from a pure place, not bragging to build up myself over someone else.

People like to connect with each other. Our drive to relate to others is why social media is so successful and why it’s relatively easy to get 20,000 people at a sporting event to do the wave.”

“Share your excitement, your drive and your energy with those around you and you’ll soon have your own cheering section. There’s always going to be someone who will be resentful of your energy and success, but that should only matter if your goal is to have everyone like you.

Sharing my goals isn’t only about accountability for me. The word “accountable” isn’t a word that excites me; it seems limiting.

On the other hand, “support” is a word I love. Seek out people who will support and add energy to your ideas. People who will rally behind you and offer you the tools and resources necessary to obtain the goals and dreams that you have put on paper.

People who will offer you a hand up versus a handout.

If you share your dreams and goals with somebody and all they do is criticize you, get rid of that person.

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