Feedback, it’s so important

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Feedback will make you or break you in sales because you have to receive feedback in order to grow.

I recently received a survey, it was one that I have received several times. The interesting part of this particular survey is that they always call me prior to sending it and they request (more like instruct) how they would like me to fill out the survey. It’s difficult to be objective when they’ve told you the answers. But either way, at least they sent a survey and opened the door for consumers to provide feedback.

I personally solicit feedback as often as possible. And the messier the answer I receive the better.

If I don’t land a client or see that a previous client has bought or sold without me, I often call or email asking why. I never begrudge them for their answers as it is ultimately how I will improve my business. Sometimes there is nothing to improve upon such as when their spouse is close friends with another Realtor however if there is something I didn’t do or did wrong, I need to know so that I can ensure to do better next time. Mistakes can happen but it’s better that they don’t happen twice.

Feedback can be given and received directly or indirectly. For direct feedback you can ask current customers or clients how you did, ask prospects why you didn’t get their business, send a personal email or hire a third company to solicit feedback on your behalf. Indirect feedback comes from listening to your customers, seeing what products are bought and which sit around much longer, collecting data on which ads receive the most responses, and paying attention to the behaviour of your clients.

A wise man once told me that negative feedback should be given in person and positive feedback should be put in writing and shared with as many people possible.

To make your business the most successful it can be, always be seeking feedback. Seek out the negative, the messy, and the areas that need improvement. In the absence of knowing, we are just waiting for things to happen instead of carefully crafting the best business possible.

And on that note, I’d love to hear your feedback on the Hustle Series!! What’s good? How can I improve? Is there any topics you’d like me to discuss? Leave a comment or email me at!

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