The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 6 – Expectations

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Have high expectations.

The only way that you should have high expectations of other people is if you have even higher expectations of yourself.

The expectations that others have for you should become less important and the expectations that you have for yourself become more important.  When you’re content with being good enough, you will be just that.  But if you set the bar higher, you will always strive for more pushing yourself further than just good enough.

Set goals.  Make sure some of them are attainable, reaching your goals is a good thing but make sure they’re not all easy and that you truly have to work hard to accomplish many of your goals.  As you strive to reach these goals, you’ll be constantly growing and pushing yourself further.

When pursuing any goal, no matter how big or small, remember to appreciate how far you have come.  Even if you fail to reach your goal, you’re likely still further than if you set a ‘good enough’ goal or no goal at all.

In sales, by expecting more from yourself than you expect from others, you’ll almost sure to surpass any expectations from your clients or from those around you.

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