Effective Over Cool

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dpI will take effective over cool anytime, but sometimes cool works.

Yes, it's true I change my hairstyle and type of suit depending on the type of sales presentation I'm giving. Older people get traditional hair and a traditional suit and younger folks connect better with the poof or hipster side comb, fitted suit, and colorful socks visible from a mile away.

Bottom line - you never get a second chance to make a first impression and people are impressionable.

What about consistency? I get it, sort of. Somebody I respect massively in the agency business once said to me, "You are who you are and you're best to show up just like that." I called bullshit.

I said it with a little more grace by being respectful of the fact that I've never worked directly in an agency or given presentations to prospects in the agency business but in the same way, he's never given presentations in the real estate business either.

We don't all order the same thing at Subway do we?

Customization and customer satisfaction is the flavor of the day and it changes often.

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