Don’t be the Squeaky Wheel

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Don’t be the squeaky wheel because they’re already in abundance, loud, annoying, and just not helpful.

Vocalizing and saying thank you is actually what’s special and is often more difficult. We think it all the time but rarely take action on it as it’s often easier to complain.

Whenever you notice somebody doing something just a little bit better than the other, working harder, or going a little bit further to be helpful than the rest, be sure to say thank you. It will have a bigger impact than you could imagine. You will never know who’s day it will make, where it might lead, and you might be shocked at just how uncommon it actually it.

For example, the other day I stopped by a construction site in a prominent neighbourhood of my city. It’s a site that I have no direct connection to other than it’s in my community and I’ve heard a lot of controversy over in the past few years regarding the size, scope of work, and the inconvenience to the neighbours as it’s blocking the view of other homes.

It’s private land and the owner has the legal right and city permits to build however it hasn’t stopped numerous people from complaining, delaying the project, and continuing to vocalize their objections. The owner is a major business icon in the city, a huge philanthropist, and a great guy in my opinion. Although I’ve never met him, I know what he has contributed to.

So the other day I decided to pick up 16L of coffee and 150 Timbit donuts for the construction crew on site. I simply delivered them to say that they’re doing an exceptional job, creating a beautiful home, and acknowledge that they’re working 6 days a week to complete the project.

When I pulled up they initially thought I was among the many that stop to complain and were surprised to hear I just wanted to acknowledge their hard work and a job well done. The thank you and the treats were very well received. Surprise, surprise.

But so well that the construction manager on site mentioned that she has a real estate agent that she’s unhappy with. Not planned. Not expected.

You never know where it might lead but you can guarantee that it will make somebody’s day. So always take time to say thank you and choose not to be the squeaky wheel.

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