Cookies and typos.

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Our team sends cookies. I mean, A LOT of cookies. Really really delicious cookies. Sometimes it’s a half dozen and sometimes three dozen, depending on the size of the team or family we are giving them to.

And whenever possible, we drop them off in person.

We do this out of appreciation, a genuine thank you. It’s easy to text “thank you” but it’s better to show it, and our experience says it’s even better to say it with cookies and a hand written card. And often a hug when delivered in person. We don’t do it expecting anything in return however it often works out that way.

I think this does a couple of things. It acknowledges great service or a great connection when it happens. And it satisfies the stomach, which as the saying goes, it the best way to a persons heart. It warms the soul to feel truly appreciated and we try to give that to others as often as possible.

And beyond all the warm and fuzzy feelings, it usually creates dialogue. Not many people get a thank you card and cookies without responding with a thank you and continuing the conversation which will often lead to a deeper relationship. And when delivered to an office, it creates a dialogue when people ask where the cookies in the break room came from. Cookies plus word of mouth equals great advertising. Definitely better than the newspaper.

“Thank you” can be an incredibly powerful statement, especially if the person you’re thanking really needs to hear them, or isn’t expecting them. Even when they do something that they are supposed to do, it’s always nice to be recognized and appreciated. Feeling appreciated is a powerful motivator.

Another random trick of min is having a typoe. It keeps it real and personal. This usually happens naturally for me as my spelling is atrocious however I occasionally do it intentionally to catch their attention emphasize that there is a human on the other end truly taking the time to thank them opposed to a canned “Hallmark” greeting.

But the one think that is never misspelled and never done without careful attention is the thank you.

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