So, Be Nice!

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Be nice! I try not to take it for granted but sometimes I still do.

A simple yet MASSIVE selling tip that's benefited me immensely over the years is to consistently treat people well. Consistently.

There are two coffee shops on the same street in my neighborhood. I actually go to both of them every Saturday and Sunday morning. I order breakfast to-go at one then I go down the street and to get my favorite coffee at the other. I've been doing this consistently for about the last seven months. Strange coincidence that employees at both of these coffee shops recently hired my company for my services.

Actually a coincidence? I don't think so. I've proven to myself over the past 12 years of doing this business that if you are consistently friendly and nice with the places you frequent, you will ultimately do business with those businesses.

If you're new in the real estate or sales business, this is a good thing but it may also mean you may have to budget eating out and getting coffee out consistently at a few key locations. Of course helps if you like the food or beverages provided but trust me, if you do it over the long-haul; show up with a smile, conversation, and tip generously, it will come back to you tenfold.

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  1. Rory
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    I couldn’t agree more, being consistently nice and building a personal relationship with people always has its benefits in the long run.

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