Always say thank you.

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There’s a million reasons why but the first is simply because it serves up one of the single greatest and most important feelings in the world – gratitude.

Additionally it’s a great business more. It will lead to significant outcomes, grow your business faster, and build more and stronger relationship.

I guess it will depend on how thankful one is, even for the simple fact that we are breathing, living, and hopefully have food and shelter. The rest is trivial. I believe this comes down to context. Where someone grew up, how difficult it was, if they were spoiled or bullied, if they struggled or exceeded, how great or how bad their life has been. All of these, and everything in between, is what I find gives us our gauge for gratitude.

What is your context?

For me not having mouldy bread, having chocolate for my milk if I want, no debt, and knowing that my family members are safe are things that I’m grateful for as they contrast my past. My crazy reality has given me my level of gratitude which I think is pretty damn high.

And the only thing more important than feeling grateful is sharing it. I say thank you a lot. I never fake it and I’m always sincere about it. I try not to brag about it but instead I share this as encouragement.

Thank you. Two of the most important words. Bring them to life.

When things are negative it’s easy to speak up about it. Bad service or a difficult product is easy to acknowledge. The bar has been set high for what people expect from everything and everyone nowadays that people rarely show gratitude and appreciation for the great stuff let alone the regular stuff. Over and above is taken for granted and is seldom executed on.

If you can, leave an extra large tip, fill out a comment card, survey, or review for great service rather than shitty service. Better yet, reach out directly to the individual as well and acknowledge what they did. Always, always, always share gratitude and say thank you often.

The two most important things my mom taught me as a child was “please” and “thank you.”

So bringing this back to business, whenever somebody gives an introduction, an opportunity, or does great work, we always try to say thank you. Sometimes it is an email, a handwritten letter, cookies, or contributing to something they care about. Whenever we can we try to find ways to tell then and show them thank you.

Say thank you for simple introductions or referrals (even if the person doesn’t end up working with you). Follow up and say thank you again when the business gets done. Say thank you. Show gratitude.

And the craziest part, though never the intention, is that the more I say and show that I’m thankful, the more opportunities I receive to give it.

Give, give, give and you’ll reap what you sow.

Thank you. Two of the most important words. Bring them to life.

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