2018 – A Year in Review

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I don’t hustle for the sake of keeping busy, I hustle to get shit done and to help others do the same. Whether that is buying or selling a home of helping my sister-in-law’s hot dog business in New York City.

A few notable mentions for the year.

My business partner and I sold 71 homes, over $58,000,000M in sales, in Calgary’s struggling economy. This wasn’t done easily. We nurtured every client and we leaned in when everyone was holding back. More marketing, more energy, and more hustle kept us selling. When times are tough, you also have to get creative. For a property that was on the market for a long period of time before they hired us, we took it to auction. This wasn’t done lightly as the outcome was unpredictable but after discussing thoroughly the wants and needs of the client, we knew that they needed resolve. Getting the property sold would eliminate the seller’s stress of having it listed for years. We identified the problem so we could find a solution.

Have you heard of Gray’s Papaya? If not, you should grab a dog the next time you’re in NYC. I’m fortunate to be connected to the owners and I helped with business and marketing strategy. Check out one of the commercials my team produced.

Then I had the opportunity to head to Vivo Resorts and produce their video marketing for the third year. The first year working with their team, they quadrupled their sales in 12 months. Creativity and storytelling go a long way!

We also got recognized by Tom Ferry and BombBomb for our video production again this year, have had the opportunity to work on some amazing sales, speak at several events, attended the amazing Ninja Selling workshop hosted by Larry Kendall, Agent 2021 with Gary Vee, host another youth camp for recovering addicts, and held a team retreat as we prepared to launch our own real estate brokerage, Plintz Real Estate.

We accomplished a lot but we’re always striving for more. If there a way I can help you hustle in 2019, drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you.

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