Cookies and typos.

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Our team sends cookies. I mean, A LOT of cookies. Really really delicious cookies. Sometimes it’s a half dozen and sometimes three dozen, depending on the size of the team or family we are giving them to. And whenever possible, … Read More

Video: Team VS. Individual

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It is statistically proven that a team will always outperform an individual. It allows you to combine knowledge, expertise, creativity, communication, and provide a flexibility that isn’t available with a single person. Reasons to consider joining or starting a team: … Read More

Effective Over Cool

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I will take effective over cool anytime, but sometimes cool works. Yes, it’s true I change my hairstyle and type of suit depending on the type of sales presentation I’m giving. Older people get traditional hair and a traditional suit … Read More

So, Be Nice!

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Be nice! I try not to take it for granted but sometimes I still do. A simple yet MASSIVE selling tip that’s benefited me immensely over the years is to consistently treat people well. Consistently. There are two coffee shops … Read More