The HUSTLE Video Series Episode 34 – Awards & Recognition

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Winning an award is great but it shouldn’t be the reason you hustle.

If you receive recognition or an award you should not feel as though you’ve made it, you’ve reached the top, you’re done. With that mentality then you have literally peaked. There is nowhere else to go but down. One of the many reasons I don’t believe in participation trophies but that’s another conversation.

Instead, use awards and recognition to fuel your fire to do more, to do better, or to try it in a new way.

Our team has made the Top 10 out of over 1,200 nominees for Real Estate Video Influencers Awards and soon we find out where we are ranked! We’re honoured to make the top 10 and regardless of where we end up, our pursuit will always be to build more compelling, informative and helpful videos to assist buyers, sellers, and our peers in this amazing business called real estate.

Thank you BombBomb (a communication platform aimed at rehumanizing relationships) and Tom Ferry (the #1 ranked real estate coach) for the recognition amongst a seriously talented and hard-working group of professionals.

Last year we were nominated as well and ended up in 4th place in the all-around video influencer category. We used that to motivate us to keep growing and even if we were ranked number one this year, we still wouldn’t be close to being finished! If you’ve peaked, you may as well retire so keep going and growing!

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